ICMR Approved Projects

List Of Ongoing ICMR Approved Projects In Govt. Medical College, Pudukkottai


1.     A Comparative study of pattern of injuries occurring in patients caused due to Road Traffic Accidents in city limit and highway limit (2020-00425) Vinisha, Dr.Raja*


2.     Analyzing risk factors for suicide thoughts among undergraduate MBBS students " (2020-01620) - George Fernandes, Dr.Ilamaran *


3.     Prevalence of skin diseases among hostellers attending the Outpatient department Dermatology at Government medical college, Pudukkottai (2020-00353) - Nandhini, Dr.Abirami*


4.     Assessment of Risk factors of iron deficiency anaemia in infants & young children Miss.K.Abinaya ,  Dr.M.Suganya*, MD., Reference lD :2022-07863



5.     Assessment of Peak Expiratory Flow Rate in school aged children. Miss.K.Ramya,  Dr.R.Hemaharini*, MD. Reference Id:2022-11844


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