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About Us

Life, as we know, is an interplay of biochemical reactions. These, in turn, govern key processes such as nutrition, metabolism and genetics, which play an important role in the health and diseases of the human body.

Medical Biochemistry focuses on aspects of biochemistry relevant to medicine how the chemical system of the human body works and how it malfunctions during illness. This is done by estimating and analysing important biochemical parameters, in various body fluids ranging from blood to cerebrospinal fluid, employing sophisticated equipments and advanced technology in the laboratory.

The department, with its completely functional, state of the art equipments, such as, fully automated biochemistry analysers and electro chemiluminiscent immmuno assay analyser (eCLIA), along with a team of dedicated medical officers and lab technicians, helps the needy patients by assisting the clinicians in the early diagnosis, intervention and follow up of patients.

Notwithstanding this, the study of Biochemistry is an essential component of curriculum for all categories of health professionals. The department equips medical students and students of allied health sciences with a seminal knowledge of both theoretical and practical aspects of this wondrous science through lectures, demonstrations and hands-on training.